Welcome Lancaster to our 8000 sqft.
Baseball & Softball Training Facility

I would like it to read “Local softball coaches

Chris Zaker


Don Holbrook

have teamed up with former Major League Baseball pitcher Allan Anderson to present Lancaster’s first and the area’s best indoor baseball and softball practice facility and training academy.  Field of Dreams is the result of the combination of their knowledge and passion for the game and for teaching to our youth.  Pooling their individual experiences and knowledge, these three have created a facility that was designed and built by coaches and players for the use  of coaches and players. 

The facility is designed and laid out so that area teams can enjoy the most efficient use of space and their time during practice sessions

This 8,000 sqft. indoor baseball training complex features several training aids including batting cages, clinics, lessons and more. (2 are 54' and one is 70' long)


your hitting, play defense, pitch, catch and play the infield. Lessons for both softball and baseball for all aspects of the games including pitching, hitting, fielding and catching.

In addition to sport-specific lessons, additional training will be offered by some extremely qualified athletes for speed and agility as well as running techniques.

Running technique

perfection and speed development clinics will be offered by a former USA Olympian world record holder!! 

Catching lane

is available with enough space to work on the throw-downs to 2nd base for softball players!!!

Slow motion video recording

of mechanics may be provided. I'm not talking about 60 frames per second that makes the video look like the clay-mation Christmas specials from when we were kids...I'm talking about high quality video recording at frame rates of up to 240-480 frames per second. At this speed, you can easily pick out the littlest of swing flaws! At 240 frames per second, 1 second of life takes 8 seconds to watch. Amazing clarity!!!!

We have one Iron Mike pitching machine as well as several Jugs-type hand fed pitching machines that are available during hitting practices. The Iron Mike is capable of throwing baseballs as well as 12" softballs!!!

Teams and Individuals

have access to rental times via scheduling with staff via phone: 740-653-3463.

We are offering Live pitching & hitting leagues
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Hourly cage rentals

are available and the entire facility will also be available for rent to area travel balls teams, rec balls teams and school ball teams as well.

As if that wasn't enough....imagine bringing your entire team to the facility at 9PM on a Friday night...hitting, pitching and fielding until 1:00 AM, then sacking out with sleeping bags as a team.

Wouldn't that be a fantastic team building and fun opportunity for the kids??? What a great way to have a birthday party for one of your players, without messing up your own home. Adult coaches and additional chaperones will be required!

Field of Dreams Practice Facility and Training Academy

is located across the street from Hocking Valley Gymnastics on Slocum Street with ample parking. Wi-fi access available. Healthy vending drink & snacks available. All in a all-turf-facility.

NO CLEATS - Tennis shoes only
Field of Dreams Ohio

731 Slocum Street (map)
Lancaster, Ohio
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